November 2001 – Tucson, Arizona

Lynn Nelson (President) called the meeting to order at 8:03 am.  Lynn welcomed everyone to Tucson especially after the Sept 11/01 tragedy.  Everyone stood for a moment of silence to remember those who had died as a result of this tragedy.



Doubletree Inn
26555 E. Speedway
Tucson, AZ, US 85710

Meeting Minutes

Lynn Nelson (President) called the meeting to order at 8:03 am.  Lynn welcomed everyone to Tucson especially after the Sept 11/01 tragedy.  Everyone stood for a moment of silence to remember those who had died as a result of this tragedy.  Lynn informed everyone there would be a fire alarm test at 1:30 and nut to panic or leave the meeting room.  Lynn asked the membership for a first responder (CPR) in the event the need arises.  One member had agreed to accept this responsibility.  Lynn asked any interested parties to join the Steering Committee Meeting tomorrow afternoon at 1:00 pm in Room 264.

Lynn explained how the executive worked.  Every two (2) years the 1st Vice President moves to President (Landis) and the 2nd Vice President moves to 1st Vice President (Terry).  The 2nd Vice President position is left to be filled.  Lynn moved that Martin Reyes be made 2nd Vice President.  All in favor, none opposed.  Motion carried.

Lynn encouraged the membership to fill out and hand in presentation evaluations.

Lynn informed members he had 6 CD of the last meeting minutes for anyone who did not receive a copy from the last meeting.

Lynn informed the group of the up-coming meetings and they are as follows:

 May 8-10, 2002   Reno, Nevada   Silver Legacy

Nov. 13-15, 2002   Denver, Colorado   Renaissance

May 7-9, 2003   Edmonton, Alberta   Fantasyland Hotel

Nov. 12-13, 2003   Tucson, Arizona   Doubletree on Speedway –preferred

May, 2004   Salt Lake City   To be decided


Lynn informed the group that Jerry Endres could not make the meeting due to personal reasons.

Lynn discussed the need to update the data in our current database so the CD with minutes can be mailed to the right addresses as well as accurate e-mail addresses so the future meeting notices (Broadcast E-Mail) are sent to the right address.

The updates agendas were distributed prior to start of meeting and were on the tables.

Lynn asked all presenters to give him a CD of the presentation or e-mail them to him.  All presenters were asked to give Lynn their Business Cards.

Terry informed the group that lunch would be at 12:00 in the Reddington Room and there would be a hospitality suite available from 5:00 to 7:00 this evening.


Technical Presentations


Hoist RePowering Project for 4100A Shovels
Mark Townsend of Flanders Electric Motor Service
Gary Sorenson from DCS.

The thermal capacity of the Hoist Motors was increased by replacing the existing motors with a different motor called the M22 motor.  The new motor is expected to have a longer life and improved performance.  The timeline and criteria for the installation was discussed.  The installation and the retrofit program was successful.  Good presentation and good overhead information.  See PowerPoint presentation for details.


“Suncor Expansion Project – Millennium Extraction Plant”
Kent Zehr

Kent made a PowerPoint presentation on the New Extraction Plant at Suncor’s Millennium Project.  Some of the highlights was the high voltage line up with Tertiary Wound Transformer to reduce the high voltage lineup.  The elimination the pump gearboxes by using a 16 pole motor and running at 50Hz.  The use of Device Net to eliminate control wiring and reduce the commissioning time.  Even Start and Stop Signals are sent on communication link.  There are no output contractors for each motor (5 motors @ 2500 Hp) are fed from one VFD.  There is only temperature and current monitoring via a Multilin 369.

“Static VAR Compensator”
Gary Sorenson

Gary made a presentation on the under voltage problem at Black Thunder Mine.  The problem occurred when a Marion 8750 Dragline was added to the 69KV system at the Mine. The system used skids, one with three 3500 Hp synchronous motors and the second with two (2) 3000 Hp synchronous motors to develop the KVAR of reactance needed to keep the voltage within +2% to –4%.  See paper for details.


MSHA Update
Richard Gates

Check at web site  There is a considerable amount of information available.


“TXU’s Train Unloading Facility”
Stan Long

A presentation by Stan Long on their new coal unloading facility which involved bottom unloading rail cars, conveyors and dust control systems.  The support utility systems were discussed.

Mining Equipment Maintenance WEB Site
Bob Vaughan
Mining Equipment Maintenance

Bob Vaughan made a short presentation on a web site for Mining Equipment Maintenance to assist with problem solving and communication.  The site is not open to vendors. For more information contact Bob Vaughan @ (250) 717-0649.


P&H Mining Equipment
Woody Hause

A presentation was made by Woody Hause on the advancement made in P&H’s shovels.  These machines have moved from analogue to microprocessor controlled machines.  Temperature and pressure switches have been replaced with transmitters so more information is available.  The direction will be to collect more and more information however the methodology of handling this information has not been determined.

Topics Discussed

  • Hoist RePowering Project for 4100A Shovels
  • Voltage Stabilization Using Synchronous Condensers
  • Voltage Stabilization Final Report
  • MSHA
  • Mining Equipment Maintenance Website
  • Information on P&H Mining Equipment
  • TXU Railroad Unloader
  • Suncor Millennium Expansion Project
  • GE – Energy Solutions



Event Details

Start date: 11/01/2001