About WMEA

What is WMEA all about? 

WMEA is a non-profit organization of people who are involved in mining equipment throughout North America and who have a common desire to share information and ideas with each other. The sole objective and purpose of WMEA is to enhance communications between people who have a common responsibility of maintaining, improving and utilizing electrical mining equipment. WMEA is made up of employees of mining operations (regular members, voting) and employees of firms that manufacture and/or service mining electrical equipment (affiliated members, non-voting).

What is WMEA all about? 

In the past, members have participated on the American Mining Congress (AMC) task force working with MSHA to eliminate reference to articles in the NEC that do not have applications for the surface mining industry.

At regular meetings there are high quality technical presentations from industry representatives and members on topics relevant to the maintenance and operation of electrical mining equipment.

At regular meetings, there is discussion of safety concerns and action is taken to improve safety. Also discussed are problems and improvements to AC and DC drive systems, mine-grounding systems, vibration and condition-based maintenance protocol, PLC and communication networks including LAN-based as well as other topics which are of concern to mining. Presentations vary from simple maintenance solutions to complex power system load flow studies and power line harmonics solutions.

Maintains through its mailing list a contact directory of key individuals at a number of mine locations. Periodically MSHA (in the USA) or OH&S (in Canada) are scheduled to attend and discuss regulations affecting mining. Several companies represented are contributors to Canadian Standards Association M421 Use Of Electricity In Mines.

A hospitality room is held after the meetings to allow members informal access to a number of mining equipment manufacturers and service organizations. This concentrated direct access allows end users better utilization of their time and allows them to share and discuss situations requiring suppliers interface.

Provides a camaraderie within the mining electrical community that allows for expedient assistance with information and equipment, when needed.

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